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Clean, Simple Design

A simple yet elegant website design that is clean and easy to navigate is key to customer satisfaction and successful sales. Most people have become “pop-up blind” so bold innovative design is essential to maintaining focus. Provide us the information you want conveyed, and we will create a website according to this style.

In addition to clean content we use very clean code, making it easier for search engines to parse through your information. We're experts at making HTML validate properly according to W3C standards. These are factors that will increase your traffic as well as your conversion percentages (conversion percentage is the percent of people that come to your site and actually make a purchase as opposed to just moving on).

A third area to “clean up” is navigation from one area of your site to another. Site design should flow well across all the mediums of your site. When a customer goes from your Blog to your Shopping Cart they should not feel as though they have left your site at all. Integrated Search and Navigation should be easy to find and easy to follow, not lost in a sea of clutter and confusion. RS Solutions will handle navigation issues in an elegant manner that will make a customer’s experience of your website smooth and effortless from information seeking to completing purchases.

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